Additional resources available for download that can further assist students in improving their academic skills.


Name Type Description View or download
Brainbase Learning Style Inventory General A self-assessment that assists students in determining their learning style. brainbase-learning-style-inventory.pdf
Grammar, Punctuation, Etc Reference Sheet General A reference sheet for the correct use of grammar and punctuation. grammar-cheat-sheet-042413.pdf
SMARTHINKING Online Tutoring General How to access SMARTHINKING and an overview of featured services. smarthinkng.pdf
Test Anxiety Inventory General Survey to determine possible causes for test anxiety. test-anxiety-inventory.pdf
When to Use Commas General A short brochure that lists the appropriate uses for commas. comma-cheat-sheet.pdf
Study Guide
Name Type Description View or download
Boosting Learning Study Guide In-depth research of the most useful study strategies. boosting-learning.pdf
Cornell Notes Study Guide A guide to the Cornell Note Taking system and a template for student use. cornell-notes-how-to10-2-17.pdf
Inventory of College Level Study Skills Study Guide A helpful inventory to gauge your study skills efficacy inventory-college-level-study-skills-1.pdf
MLA 8 Citation Guide Study Guide A guide to the MLA 8th edition on creating bibliographic information and in-text citations docguidelinesmla82016.pdf
Strategies to Treat Test Anxiety Study Guide A few tips from the Mayo Clinic on overcoming test anxiety. test-anxiety-can-it-be-treated-mayo-clinic.pdf
Study Habits -- What Works and What Doesn't Study Guide A guide to good study habits. study-habitswhatworkswhatdoesnt.pdf
Test Anxiety Booklet Study Guide Information explaining test anxiety and how to overcome it. testanxietybooklet.pdf