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Academic Success Centers (ASCs) at Pasco-Hernando State College offer the necessary elements to support students in their pursuit of academic and personal success. The centers provide tutoring, testing services, and academic coaching. Additionally, the Academic Success Centers strive to foster students’ self-confidence, self-discipline, and motivation to learn by encouraging their participation in study groups, workshops, and orientations.

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Makeup Exams

PHSC students may schedule an instructor-approved make-up test through the Academic Success Center on campus. For all makeup test appointments, students should choose the campus where the class is held. Unless special testing accommodations are required through the Office of Disabilities Services, the testing time should equal the length of the class.

East Campus Makeup Exams

Please note: Beginning January 16, 2018, makeup testing on the East Campus in Dade City will be administered in the East Campus Test Center. If you are registering for a makeup test on the East Campus, then please click on Schedule a Makeup Test on the East Campus.